Ms. Razon

My name is Joanna Isorena Razon. I grew up in Manila, Philippines. I moved to L.A. when I was 23 years old to work as a Special Ed Teacher. I have been with Van Ness Elementary for 4 years, going on my 5th. Before teaching at Van Ness Elementary, I was a teacher at Frances Blend for 10 years.

The most important thing my students have taught me is to be grateful and to pick my battles. What I love most about my job are my students. They are funny, smart and content. Van Ness Elementary is a unique and special school because it has embraced our students with visual impairments and with other disabilities. It is only in Van Ness Elementary that we are able to integrate effectively and in the most sensible way.

As an educator, I have become determined to advocate for my students. I have become my students’ and their parents’ voice and ally. I realized that I am one, among many, who can contribute to make their arduous lives a little bit easier.

As a person, working at Van Ness has made me appreciate more the work that I do, that I can be of service to my fellow men. This school community has made me realize God’s grace and generosity in my life. My family inspires me to take my hurdles in stride. My husband inspires me to be a loving person. My students inspire me not to sweat the small stuff.