Edible Garden Fundraiser

Van Ness Elementary has teamed up with Enrich L.A. and built an Edible Garden with the belief that promoting a relationship between children and food leads them to be more engaged and develop lifelong habits that will lead to healthier and active lifestyles.

Currently in 24 Schools, the Garden Ranger progam provides weekly ( 4 hour) visits by rangers including maintenance + planting + troubleshooting of the school gardens and classes with the students. Curriculum is tied to common core and it costs the school $5,175 per school year. The school typically pays between 40% to 75% of cost with the balance paid through fundraising and grants.

Join us for an evening of sips and snacks at Fancifull Gift Baskets, Saturday, April 21st from 2-5pm. Your donation of $20 (or more at your discretion) will go directly to the Edible Garden.

Get your tickets here.

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