Daily Homework consist of the following:

  • Spelling 5x’s each Monday, alphabetical order each Tuesday, color code/sentences each Wednesday, 3x’s each on Thursday.
  • **Spelling List are written down by the students in class. It is their responsibility to make sure they take the list home.
  • Cursive Writing
  • Reading for at least 20 minutes each night
  • Math may be from My Math, Engage NY, Common Core, or fluency practice
  • **Tenmarks and Zearn websites should be accessed as much as possible. ( 3 or more times a week) Usernames and passwords will be sent home with students.
  • Reading Comprehension from daily workbooks.
  • **Core Clicks and the AR should be accessed as much as possible ( 3 or more times a week)

Other things:

  • Unfinished writing assignments
  • Projects in Math, Science, or Social Studies
  • Please email if you have any questions

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