Ms. Zazueta

My name is Ms. Rocio, and I grew up in Los Angeles. This is my fifth year at Van Ness Elementary as the kinder through second grade teacher for students with visual impairments (VI). I have been fortunate enough to have additional teaching experience since 2011. I feel overwhelmed with joy when my students achieve new milestones, and I am very excited to help children in my class progress and develop.

Also, I strongly believe in providing students with a quality education that will enrich their experiences and foster a sense of achievement within them. Learning is an ongoing process that takes a team effort. Therefore, I truly appreciate that Van Ness Elementary is a school that offers integration classes for activities, such as P.E., Dance and Art.

My students are amazing! They are very capable and take pride in their achievements, whether they are academic or personal. Regardless of the obstacles my students face on a regular basis, they always amaze me with their perseverance and motivation. They inspire me everyday with their accomplishments and that makes my career very fulfilling.

Thank you,
Rocio Zazueta